Friday, 26 February 2016

Diane: Visiting Ghent at Christmas

Hi all! It’s Diane Lee, International Office Ambassador for South Korea and a student here at Sheffield. Find out more about me from my on-line student profile page.

Walking along the waterways
Wrap up warm: it's freezing but beautiful
Time flies as a student in Sheffield. The first term has passed like an arrow and I had such a wonderful Christmas holiday spending two weeks in neighbouring countries; Belgium and The Netherlands. It was just an hour flight from Manchester airport to Brussels, Belgium. I spent a few days there and moved to Ghent, where it only takes thirty minutes by train from central Brussels.  
Today, I will primarily talk about Ghent because it was the most impressive and memorable city I visited during the holidays. It is small enough to stroll around and very peaceful.

The waterways across the medieval city of Ghent  make it look incredibly beautiful, regardless of whether it is day or night. I couldn’t say a word when I saw the night view at first: I believe no word can describe how beautiful it is. I was literally stopped by the view every day in Ghent! I’m sure you wouldn’t be tired of it at all.

People queue at famous local waffle shops
Chocolate waffles
Walking alongside the waterway, many shops, restaurants and traditional waffle places are located. This place might look somewhat touristy, but it will be fun to try and find hidden places that local people love to hang out in. 

Christmas market and wheel in Ghent

There was a charming Christmas market as well. It wasn’t that big but it is definitely worth visiting because of a giant wheel like the London Eye; nice food; and a warm atmosphere. I am a real foodie so I did my best to try a variety of famous foods in Ghent, like pancakes with locally sourced jams; waffles;  local beer and ribs. Plus, there was an ice skating rink in the middle of the market. I could fully enjoy the Christmas vibe, even though the market was very crowded all day and night long.

Crepes being made outdoors at the market

Jams for sale

A great place to go for ribs! 

Ribs: They look delicious, right?!

Speaking of food, you must try the ribs in Ghent! Honestly, I have no idea why there are so many places for ribs, but most of them offer “UNLIMITED RIBS” at a certain price, and so, I paid just sixteen euros for unlimited ribs and baked potatoes at Amadeus, which was just adjacent with the Christmas market (although there are several branches in Ghent). I waited for about thirty minutes, so if you are in a rush I advise you reserve a table for dinner in advance.

I won’t forget the warm vibe from this attractive city and I am definitely willing to visit again.  

Me enjoying the local beer: Tongerlo

By Diane (Da Eun) Lee

International Office Ambassador for South Korea

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