Friday, 29 April 2016

Diane's Three Tips for Visiting London

Hello Everyone !
It's Diane; International Office Ambassador for South Korea. Find out more about me and my time in Sheffield on my web page.
I’ve been meaning to blog about London trip since last year.
And I think today is the very perfect timing !
Those who read my previous blog may know
 that I’ve been to Paris during Easter holidays.
On my way back home in Sheffield, I dropped by London for a couple of days.

Actually, I’m such a city girl who loves being in a hectic city like Seoul, London etc.
I just go to London whenever I have time to relax, which means there’re plenty of tips I can give you :)

Let’s kick off !

So, the very first tip is for transportation. As London is a huge capital, there are several lines of tubes (underground) and buses. A simple way to travel around London is getting a Oyster card. All You need to do is to pay £5 for deposit and top up as much as you want.
Travelcard is another option. This is issued as a paper ticket and lets you travel as many as you like on buses and tubes. If you are a rail card holder, don’t miss special discount !!

Second, go to Buckingham Palace and see Changing of The Queen’s Guard. It takes place in front of the Palace at 11:30 in the morning and lasts for around 45 minutes.
You can see the guard changing every single day between April and July and on alternate days for the rest of the year.
I recommend you to arrive earlier than 11:30 to get the better view !
The ceremony is super famous and quite touristy, so watch out your belongings even if London is safer than Paris ;)

(see? It's crowded !)

(hard to get it ;()

Last but not least, hire a bike !

It’s only for £2 for 30 mins in the park. Technically, hiring a bike is available across the london but I was too scared to cycle on the road like a proper Londoner.
In an alternative way, I decided to ride bicycle at Hyde park.

Near entrance of the park, you can find the Bike Docking Statation easily.
Then, go to the ticket machine next to the docking station and make your payment by CARD (only card available). That is all you need to do for hiring. When you’ve done your journey, drop the bike back to one of docking statitions near by you. How simple !

(This is the Docking station)

( my dear friend Hye getting the sunshine with the bikes ^^ )

I hope you like this blog and Enjoy London, soon !

By Diane (Da Eun) Lee
International Office Ambassador for South Korea

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