Thursday, 1 September 2016

Applying to the University of Sheffield from Russia and the CIS Countries

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to talk about a very requested topic.

I get a lot of questions asking me how exactly to come and study at The University of Sheffield. Today I will give you the information mainly about applying for the Undergraduate Courses today, but overall the process is not that much more different for the Postgrad students!

The first thing that is worth mentioning is that before coming to the University in England I did a program called International Baccalaureate (IB) in college in Oxford. I left my school in Russia after the 9th grade, did a year of preparation in St. Clare's Oxford - my college and then went on studying IB at the same place. This was an equivalent of the high-school for me and allowed me to apply to the University through the same system that all of the British school-leavers do, without passing any specific English exams.

Even though this made my admission to this university a tiny bit easier (in sense of documentation only), this doesn't mean that you cannot apply straight after finishing school in Russia!

Step 1: Research

The first thing that you should know is what course do you want to study. Therefore the first thing you should do is research, research and some more research! You can find Undergraduate courses you are interested in through this link, Taught Postgraduate courses - here. You should have a good idea about what exactly do you want to study - this is because the entry requirements might vary for different courses.

Make sure you choose a course you are interested in!
Step 2: UCAS

The second thing to know is that the University applications in England must be made through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service or UCAS. This means that to apply to study at the university in England you will need to apply through this website. Important thing to know before applying is that you will be asked to write a Personal Statement - a 4,000 character letter explaining your University what makes you a great student and why should they accept you. You can find more advice about the personal statements through this link

Useful tip: UCAS allows you to apply to 5 universities and most of the time your personal statement must be universal for all of them.

UCAS Application Form
Step 3: Exams

The last thing that you need to know are the IELTS requirements for the course you chose.  IELTS is the test that proves your English language abilities and it contains 4 parts : Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. Your IELTS requirements might vary with the course you decide to study. IMPORTANT!  Since the regulations changed in 2014 to apply for the British Visa you need to pass IELTS for UKVI in the special centers, and not just a general IELTS. So take this into consideration when choosing your exam. You can find more information about IELTS here.

Overall, those are the main facts you need to know about and consider while applying to the University of Sheffield! Another option you have when applying is to complete a one year course at the International College before coming to study at the University to improve your English and get used to a new education system. I will tell you more about the International Office in the next post!

I hope that this information was useful :)

Take care, 
Polina International Office Ambassador Russia

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